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Song of the Week: Changes

In memory of the late Charles Bradley, I offer up his cover of a Black Sabbath song, Changes.  It’s a stunningly soulful cover of an overlooked plaintive ballad.  His voice nails the passion of the song and the bands arrangement is just beautiful.



Song of the Week: Harder Better Faster Stronger

This week we feature another cover.  This time, it is a 15-piece orchestra from Germany, Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld, covering Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

You may be familiar with the original version by Daft Punk, which Kanye West sampled in his song “Stronger”.  It also makes a fun metal song, as well as fodder for a string quartet.  Then there’s also this cool fingerstyle version.

Song of the Week: Dear Prudence

It’s not often I post a song of the week that is a cover song, that I think someone else could do a better version of.

But this week’s song is Jerry Garcia’s version of Dear Prudence.  The song starts off with a basic hippie groove, and then adds in some nice horn parts.  It’s a different take on the song that works really well.

Unfortunately, I can’t help but hearing this and thinking that Earth Wind and Fire would do a better version.  After all, they have had some success covering Beatles songs.