Song of the Week: Do You Know What I Mean?

One of my gripes with so-called “Classic Rock” stations is their limited playlists.  They might play “La Grange” or “Sweet Home Alabama” several times a day, but might pass over any number of gems from that era.  Perhaps one day I’ll put together a playlist of these songs.

This weeks song is one of those lost classics from a guy named Lee Michaels, who was a talented keyboard player with a soulful voice.  His vocal performace on this weeks song, “Do You Know What I Mean” is reminiscent of Mick Jagger’s, and I had long ago thought this to be a Rolling Stones song.


New Term: Occupational Coprophagic Sepsis

I must be one of the weirdos who always like to hear new terms.  So here’s a new one – Occupational Coprophagic Sepsis.  If you have a job where the only training you get is Standardized High Intensity Training, you may have OCS.

What is OCS?  It is the situation where the job you are in feeds you so much shit that it makes you literally ill.

How would you use it in conversation? “Ken’s boss has him coming in every weekend for implementations, even though they don’t really need him there.  How long before he takes off due to OCS?”

Song of the Week Catchup

For this week, “That’s A Lie” by Too Much Joy.  It’s a cover of the LL Cool J song and even features him in a cameo.  If you like that, also check out Clowns.

I missed a post for the week of Independence Day.  Despite being ignored by classic rock stations in my neck of the woods, Grand Funk was one of the great American bands, so I’ll have to share “We’re An American Band”.

Similarly for my friends up North, happy belated Canada Day. Sure I could share a band infamous for writing the same song over and over, or a brat better known for his antics offstage, because they are both well known current Canadian artists.  I could share a folk song about a maritime disaster in the Great Lakes, or a song about how Canadian green card holders were eligible for the draft“Gimme Sympathy” you say?  Enjoy.

I’ll close it out with “Expressway To Your Heart” by the Soul Survivors.  Or maybe you’d prefer The Blues Brothers, or even Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall?



Song of the Week: Harder Better Faster Stronger

This week we feature another cover.  This time, it is a 15-piece orchestra from Germany, Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld, covering Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

You may be familiar with the original version by Daft Punk, which Kanye West sampled in his song “Stronger”.  It also makes a fun metal song, as well as fodder for a string quartet.  Then there’s also this cool fingerstyle version.

Song of the Week: Dear Prudence

It’s not often I post a song of the week that is a cover song, that I think someone else could do a better version of.

But this week’s song is Jerry Garcia’s version of Dear Prudence.  The song starts off with a basic hippie groove, and then adds in some nice horn parts.  It’s a different take on the song that works really well.

Unfortunately, I can’t help but hearing this and thinking that Earth Wind and Fire would do a better version.  After all, they have had some success covering Beatles songs.



Song(s) of the Week: Sgt. Pepper Edition

Are you tired of all the hype regarding the 50th anniversary of the Greatest Album of All Time?  If so, I have a slightly different take.

First up, Beatallica, with their track Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band from the album of the same name.  What can you say about a band that mashes the Beatles and Metallica?  It’s like when peanut butter meets chocolate.

Then, of course, The Rutles, the band people refer to as “Spinal Tap for Beatles fans”.  Their movie All You Need Is Cash , featuring Eric Idle, was the first “mocumentary”  and takes a Tragical History Tour through the past.  Do I have to spell it out?   Here’s Major Happy’s Up and Coming Once Upon a Good Time Band.

Or you could listen to the Punkles.  Or a reggae styled full album cover, Easy Star Lonely Hearts Dub Band.   I noticed that they also paid tribute to The Dark Side of the Moon, Thriller, and OK Computer.

Finally I’ll close with Klaatu, a band better remembered for the rumor that their first album was an anonymous project by the Beatles.  Sure, it sounds far fetched, but people believed that crazy story about Paul.   Regardless, their first album, 3:47 EST is worth listening if you want to hear a Beatles tribute band doing progressive rock that sounds like The Moody Blues or ELO.