Song of the Week Catchup

For this week, “That’s A Lie” by Too Much Joy.  It’s a cover of the LL Cool J song and even features him in a cameo.  If you like that, also check out Clowns.

I missed a post for the week of Independence Day.  Despite being ignored by classic rock stations in my neck of the woods, Grand Funk was one of the great American bands, so I’ll have to share “We’re An American Band”.

Similarly for my friends up North, happy belated Canada Day. Sure I could share a band infamous for writing the same song over and over, or a brat better known for his antics offstage, because they are both well known current Canadian artists.  I could share a folk song about a maritime disaster in the Great Lakes, or a song about how Canadian green card holders were eligible for the draft“Gimme Sympathy” you say?  Enjoy.

I’ll close it out with “Expressway To Your Heart” by the Soul Survivors.  Or maybe you’d prefer The Blues Brothers, or even Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall?




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