Songs of the Week: Two Covers

That’s right, this week we have two songs (catching up from missing last week), both of which are covers which might sound like odd choices but make sense when you hear them.

First is “Changes” by Charles Bradley.  You may be wondering how an artist known as “The Screaming Eagle of Soul” ended up covering an obscure song by Black Sabbath.  After all the original is a simple ballad where Ozzy is backed up with nothing more than a piano and what sounds like Mellotron strings.

It works for a few reasons.  The first being the song itself.  Sure the piano sounds a little dopey, but the chord progression is actually blues based.  Then there is Bradley’s voice.  Ozzy’s performance comes across as a bit sing-songey, but Bradley’s performance drives home the pain of the lyrics.

Our second song is “Bold as Love” by Joan Osborne.  You probably remember her from having written this song (oops, I mean this one).  It’s a shame she got stuck being known that song, considering she is a pretty good singer.  Her contributions to Standing in the Shadows of Motown are one good example.

For many people the guitar pyrotechnics obscures the fact that Jimi Hendrix’s music was grounded in soul.  This arrangement of his classic song brings out the soul in the song by adding some Memphis style horns.





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