Song of the Week: A Day in the Life

This Song of the Week is “A Day In The Life” by The Beatles.  This song closes out what many consider the Greatest Album of All Time.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band may be the most written about and glorified album ever.  It’s shorthand for good music, as evidenced in sayings like “That album’s OK, but it’s no Sgt. Pepper”  or “When you play high, everything sounds like Sgt. Pepper, no matter how bad it sounds the next morning”[1], or even “that’s like expecting Nickelback to come out with the next Sgt. Pepper“.

I’m pretty sure with all the articles written about this album, there’s nothing I could say that hasn’t been said before.   I’m sure the same could be said for the song.

One thing I don’t think people appreciate is that this music came out long before it was common to make videos, and the songs themselves had to tell stories and create their own images.  Sgt. Pepper surely led the way in that respect.


[1]  I think I remembered reading this in an issue of Guitar Player magazine.  I also remembered reading in a guitar magazine one of the members of Blind Melon dissing a lot of musicians from the psychedelic era, saying they sucked because “apparently they weren’t doing the same drugs The Beatles were on when they made Sgt. Pepper“.


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